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Ingenium Schools Ignites Passion and Commitment on Annual “All-Ingenium Day”

Canoga Park, August 7, 2023 — Ingenium Schools kicked off a new academic year with a fervent spirit of unity and purpose on their annual “All-Ingenium Day” professional development event, held on August 7th. Over 130 dedicated staff members from various roles within the organization, including teachers, administrators, Home Office Staff, School Support Staff, and School Office Staff, congregated at the Canoga Park Middle School to partake in a day filled with learning, camaraderie, and anticipation for the upcoming school year.

As the sun rose on this day of inspiration and renewal, the vibrant atmosphere was set by the presence of Ingenium Mascots, symbolizing the spirited journey that lies ahead. Among these were the Barack Obama Charter School Eagles, the Ingenium Charter School Wolves, the Ingenium Charter Middle School Dragons, and the Clarion Charter Middle School Bulls, each representing the distinct characteristics and values upheld by Ingenium Schools.

Dr. Jay Aguda, Chief Operations Officer, emphasized the significance of this year’s All-Ingenium Day, stating, “We wanted to do something different this year with All Ingenium Day. We wanted to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments in previous years, especially after a pandemic, and we also wanted to build on top of that and look forward and really focus on our Noble Cause.”

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Celebrating Achievements and Embracing the Journey Ahead

The gathering was marked by an enthusiastic exchange of ideas and insights, all centered around Ingenium Schools’ core commitment to fostering a community where everyone finds joy and purpose in learning. This year’s theme, “JoyMakers”, encapsulated the heart of the event, encapsulating the organization’s unwavering dedication to creating an educational environment that resonates with positivity through meaning and joy.

The professional development sessions encompassed a range of topics, including the exploration of what it truly means to be a “JoyMaker” and strategies to best support students and families in the upcoming academic year. These discussions aligned seamlessly with Ingenium’s overarching strategic plan, which is deeply intertwined with their Noble Cause.

Looking Forward with Purpose and Enthusiasm

Ingenium Schools utilized this precious time to not only reflect on past accomplishments but to also fine-tune their vision for the future. As the day’s sessions unfolded, participants engaged in collaborative discussions to unpack the strategic roadmap for the next phase of growth and development.

Bill Toomey, Ingenium’s Superintendent, summed up the spirit of the day with a profound sentiment: “On this day, we celebrate not just our schools, staff, and students, but also the potential that lies within each of us to contribute to the journey ahead. Together, we embark on a new academic year, armed with purpose, unity, and a shared commitment to creating a meaningful and joyful learning experience.”

As the sun set on this day of collective inspiration, Ingenium Schools’ “All-Ingenium Day” left an indelible mark, igniting a sense of purpose and passion that will undoubtedly infuse the upcoming school year with a renewed zeal for education and community.

All Ingenium Schools open for the 2023-2024 School Year on Monday, August 14, 2023.

For media inquiries, please contact: media@ingeniumschools.org

About Ingenium Schools:

Ingenium Schools is a trailblazing educational institution committed to providing an exceptional learning experience that fosters joy, purpose, and growth for all stakeholders. With a strategic focus on their Noble Cause, the organization strives to create vibrant learning communities that embody positivity, inclusivity, and a shared passion for lifelong learning.

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