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Restoring Joy and Meaning to Learning


By Unlocking the Innate Brilliance in Every Child


Through Quality Learning and a System of Continual Improvement


We are Ingenium Schools


The Ingenium Way

Ingenium Schools is a red tree organization in a green forest of education. We are transforming education, while others are trying to “reform” a broken system. The application of the latest research in neuroscience, management theory and continual improvement, combined with our Profound Learning Experiences, work together to release the joy and meaning inherent in learning. This innovative approach involves everyone in the process and results in learners who adapt and excel in a rapidly changing 21st Century.

Our Family of Schools

Ingenium Schools family of schools serves the greater Los Angeles communities of Canoga Park, Winnetka, and Compton.

Our Praxis

Our praxis is the transformation engine that drives Ingenium. The Ingenium Praxis consists of five integrated components: Profound Learning Experiences (PLEs), Intrinsic Motivation (IM), Continual Improvement (CI), the System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK), and the latest research on Neuroscience.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to unlock the brilliance innate in every child. Ours is a “living vision,” open to importing new knowledge at every opportunity. This vision includes providing each child with the tools that will allow them to live lives of fulfillment, now and in the future, while fostering a noble commitment and responsibility to make themselves and the world a better place.

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What people are saying

Ingenium hires a group of employees that are passionate about what they do, open-minded and flexible, and always willing to work as a team to do what is best for our kids. The employees have created a true sense of “family” that makes it a joy to come to work each day.

Employee Ingenium Charter School

I love the opportunities to collaborate with my fellow colleagues. Ingenium does a great job at hiring the best, most passionate and dedicated individuals. No matter how long you work for the company, you can grow, possibly change direction, and apply your skills, talents, and knowledge in ways that allow you to consistently produce excellence.

Employee Ingenium Charter School

Ingenium recognizes the efforts of individual teachers, both at the school and the organizational level. They provide coaching to ensure support and to encourage growth in teaching ability. The organization works to take employee feedback and implement change. I feel so lucky to work for an organization where I am provided the tools to succeed in my own classroom, and am given ample opportunities for leadership roles.

Teacher Clemente Charter School

Ingenium makes every effort to keep employees happy and motivated at work.

Employee Ingenium Charter Middle School

[Ingenium] is a safe environment and the staff makes you feel welcomed…it’s as if [you’re] working with a family.

Teacher Barack Obama Charter School

We are a team and family. We are mission and value driven. We value all stakeholders equally.

Home Office Employee Home Office

School leaders are very open and honest with all stakeholders (teachers, staff, student, and parents).  There is also a genuine spirit of collaboration and good-will at Ingenium. Negativity is a big problem in the education community, but Ingenium does an excellent job of hiring positive people, and supporting all in their efforts to maintain that positivity.

Teacher Ingenium Charter Middle School

[Ingenium] has a very unique teaching model. The community of teachers is tight and collaborative. There are opportunities for workers to grow and advance in their career. There is so much support given by coaches, fellow teachers, and administrators.

Teacher Ingenium Charter School

Teacher input is sought-after and highly valued. Teachers are encouraged to lead. Teachers are given a lot of choice and ownership. Coaching is strong.

Teacher Ingenium Charter School

Ingenium allows teachers the freedom to teach in the way they feel is best for their students, using the standards as a guide. This is so different compared to other LAUSD schools and is best because it does not confine teachers to a text that isn’t at the right rigor level for our students. I also like the focus on students being aware of where they are in their learning and what they can do to take ownership of their learning.

Teacher Ingenium Charter Middle School

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