The Ingenium Praxis

The Ingenium Praxis

Praxis, the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realized). This is the transformation engine that drives our organization. Our Ingenium Praxis consists of five integrated components.


Profound Learning Experiences (PLE)

Our learning experiences are interdisciplinary, grounded in the California Standards, and driven by what is meaningful to our students. Experiences are elegantly designed to create feelings of adventure and discovery in every child. Therefore, children go to school everyday with a sense of wonder, anticipating the next journey in their learning transformation.

Intrinsic Motivation (IM)

Research confirms that extrinsic motivation (reward and punishment) decreases learning, while removing barriers and activating intrinsic motivation (self-direction) dramatically increases learning. We use this research to create motivating, supportive, and challenging learning and work environments.

Continual Improvement (CI)

All people are driven to improve. Our CI strategy provides people with the tools and methods, not only to work together, but also to better understand, organize and redesign systems; thus helping them and the organization more effectively adapt to an ever changing 21st century.

System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK)

The SoPK, Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge, is the lens that guides our decision-making. We use this innovative approach, which has transformed management practices around the world, to lead and manage every aspect of our organization.

The Learning Code (TLC)

All neurological function is controlled by 7,000 genes. We use the latest research on these genes and the specific brain structures that must be activated, in order to accelerate the speed of learning and behavior change.