The Ingenium Way

The Ingenium Way

Ingenium Schools is a red tree organization in a green forest of education. We are transforming education, while others are trying to “reform” a broken system. The application of the latest research in neuroscience, management theory and continual improvement, combined with our Profound Learning Experiences, work together to release the joy and meaning inherent to learning. This innovative approach involves everyone in the process and results in learners who adapt and excel in a rapidly changing 21st Century.


The Ingenium Noble Cause

Our Commitment

We transform education by restoring joy and meaning in learning.

Our Vision

Students leave Ingenium Schools knowing what is meaningful to them and are equipped with the capacity and tools to continually improve themselves and the world around them.


This is the transformation engine that drives our organization. Our Ingenium Praxis consists of five integrated components: Profound Learning Experiences (PLE), Intrinsic Motivation (IM), Continual Improvement (CI), System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK), and The Learning Code (TLC).

Vision For Students

Our vision is to unlock the brilliance innate in every child. Ours is a “living vision” open to importing new knowledge at every opportunity. This vision includes providing each child with the tools that will allow them to live lives of fulfillment now and in the future, while fostering a noble commitment and responsibility to make themselves and the world a better place.

Core Values

The collective personal meaning and values of Ingenium guide our systems and keep us on course toward becoming the most joyful and meaningful education system in the world.

Signature Practices

At Ingenium Schools we think differently. We think differently in the way we manage the learning process, in the way we develop people, and in the way we approach solving problems and improving performance. The word Ingenium is the latin word root word for engineering. We are continually engineering new learning and management practices. While each of our schools adds their own unique components to educational learning practices, the following Signature Practices are present in every Ingenium classroom and staffroom.