Happy December!

I have a few exciting events to share with you as we enter the month of December.

Got Your Goat!

October 3rd through October 27th, the Leadership students at our Ingenium Charter Middle School campus hosted a coin drive in order to raise money to donate to WE Charity. WE Charity is an organization that empowers change with resources that create sustainable impact.

The proceeds from the coin drive will be donated to purchase dairy goats which will provide an improvement in basic living to poverty stricken families in Kenya. Dairy goats provide nourishment to the family through milk production, but can also be sold to other families within the local community. The original goal was to raise $200.00 which would purchase 4 goats, but our incredible ICMS not only achieved that target in 3 days, but raised a total of $550.00. That is enough money to purchase 11 goats! This Profound Learning Experience is a great opportunity to show our students the impact they can have in the world.

Clemente Charter School (CCS), proudly coaches long-distance running with female students in grades 3 through 5. This year, CCS sponsored a Girls on the Run team coached by Ms. Garcia. Girls on the Run focuses on teaching life skills through running. The culminating event for the Girls on the Run season is a 5 kilometer run (approximately 3.2 miles). Students, staff, and families successfully participated in this event on Sunday, December 3rd.

Barack Obama Charter School held their ELP Winter Showcase on December 13th.  Students have been working hard to learn choreography on the school dance team and on the Too Tough Step Team.  During this event, students were able to showcase the result of their hard work and dedication to classmates, staff, family, and community members.

 4th grade students at Ingenium Charter School recently attended a field trip to The Getty, which was hosted by art teacher, Mrs. Knepley.  During this field trip students experienced new art and explored the museum to identify concepts and artists that they have been learning about.

Have a great Holiday season!

David Langford, Superintendent

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