Ingenium students are already diving into their learning.  A glimpse of students from each of our schools can be viewed below:

Click this link for the video.

Mr. Ali, a teacher at our BOCS campus, is fundraising to take a few Ingenium students to Dubai! Before working at Ingenium, he taught in Abu Dhabi, UAE. For the past 3 years, he has been showing his students in Compton his travel photos and videos. They are always fascinated by Dubai and challenged to think that someday they could have the opportunity to go themselves.

Mr. Ali stated, “I had always joked with my students and told them I would take them on a field trip to Africa or Abu Dhabi someday. This year, it’s not a joke. I will take a group of 4 or more students on a LIFE CHANGING trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi”.

Mr. Ali is already receiving donations on his GoFundMe account.

Ways you can help:

  • share this link on your Facebook
  • e-mail friends and family that you think may be interested in supporting
  • make your own donation

Ingenium encourages people to follow their aspirations that will provide significant joy and meaning in the lives of your student.

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