Home Office Staff

Dr. Jay Aguda, CIO

Dr. Jay Aguda

Chief Information Officer
Maria Donado, ELD Coord

Maria Donado

ELD Coordinator
Melody Donnelly, DHR

Melody Donnelly

Director of Human Resources
Business Consultant

Joanne Frazier

Business Consultant
Chris Gines, DSS

Chris Gines

Desktop Support Supervisor
Donna Kumar, HR CMO

Donna Kumar

HR and Home Office Support
Jennifer Laddaga, Exec Coordinator

Jennifer Laddaga

Executive Coordinator
James Lim, DSA

James Lim

Desktop Support Administrator
Director of Curriculum & Instructions

Katie Prager

Desktop Curriculum & Instruction

Jake Rodgers

Director of Student Services

Marissa Russo

Director of Student Services
Avatar Male

Nick Simonton

Director of Operations & Communications
Enrollment Counselor

Lorena Taboada

Enrollment Counselor