Homework STINKS! 5 Reasons Why and 5 Ways to Keep it Fresh

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At Ingenium Schools, we strive to implement practices that are relevant and promote the best possible results for our students. We believe in building a love of learning and creating a culture in which students understand the purpose of learning and continually add new knowledge and skills. At Ingenium, students participate in intensive learning experiences each day, with high-level academic support in all subjects.

Research on student learning identifies little connection between teacher-assigned homework and improved student performance. Furthermore, homework may have negative effects on student curiosity, motivation, home life, and desire to learn. Teachers will partner with parents to provide ideas about connecting learning at school and home. They will continue to adhere to the approach of building joy in learning, rather than requiring reading minutes or worksheet completion.

5 Reasons it Stinks!

  • To punish a student for behavior or attendance.
  • To follow a policy that all students “should have homework” or because “homework has always been given.”
  • To make up for running out of time in class.
  • Because only one student did not understand and therefore the whole class gets homework.
  • To make up for ineffective learning or teaching process.

5 Ways to Keep It Fresh!

  • Use it to catch students up who have been absent or missed class time – but also provide supports to these students so they aren’t set up to fail.
  • Use HW to allow Students more time to complete a learning experience or project.
  • Students who choose to do more practice to fully understand concepts may be assigned additional homework.
  • A student is below grade level and needs extra applied time to catch up – also provide additional support.
  • A student is excited about learning and wants to deepen the experience at home.

For more information on how Ingenium does homework, please visit one of our schools.

Some parts of this article excerpted from Ingenium’s Approach to Homework guiding document.

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