A message from Ms. Kim

Dear Ingenium Charter School Families,

It is an honor to support you and your students as the Interim Principal with another school year filled with learning and growing. This is my ninth year at Ingenium Schools.  In addition to the assistant principal role, I’ve held a variety of leadership roles at Ingenium over the past several years. With your support and our staff’s expertise, I am confident that we will create meaningful learning opportunities for all students, so they can build the skills they need to follow their dreams.

Here at Ingenium Schools, our noble cause is to create communities where everyone experiences joy and meaning in learning. By everyone, we mean our students, faculty and staff, and our families in our community. This year, we are looking forward to more in-person collaboration with you all as we open up our parent and family center to host family workshops, on-campus school events, and classroom volunteer options.

At Ingenium Charter School, we believe that all children should have access to high quality education where they become the best learners, leaders, and collaborators by empowering them with the capacity and tools to continually improve themselves and the world around them. This year, our four school aims are to improve all students’ math, reading, social emotional outcomes, and  attendance.

We believe that it takes a collaborative and aligned community to support each student’s learning journey and growth. Everyone in the Ingenium Charter School Family is “A.L.L. I.N.”! We show Agency when we make good choices. We are Lifelong Learners when we continue to seek and prioritize learning opportunities. We give Love by practicing empathy. We Include Everyone so everyone in our community has a sense of belonging. We are Nice & Safe everyday with our actions and our words to create a positive learning environment.

Thank you for supporting our students as a strong and united community.


Ms. Kim

Intermin Principal, Ingenium Charter School

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