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A Message From Mr. Graham

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A message from Mr. Graham: Welcome to Ingenium Charter School!

Hello Ingenium Families!

Whether you’ve been with Ingenium Charter School for years, have just come to know us, or are simply looking to learn more — I want to thank you for the passion and commitment you are showing for your student’s education just by reading this.

Ingenium Charter School is a place to learn, play, and grow unlike any other. Co-Located with Columbus Middle School, ICS has proudly served Canoga Park, Panorama City (via free bussing), and surrounding communities for almost 10 years. Our organization is relatively young, but our mission is ambitious: to bring Joy and Meaning to Learning. From our students, to our staff, and to all of our community members — consider this an invitation to remember the intrinsic value and excitement that comes from achieving together.

Everyone in the Ingenium Charter School Family is “A.L.L. I.N.“! We show Agency when we make good choices. We prove we’re Lifelong Learners when we continue to ask questions and improve. We give Love and Include Everyone like a true community should, and we all contribute to a campus that is Nice & Safe each and every day. We’re ALL IN, both in spirit and in action.

ICS utilizes research based, cutting-edge practices that include Intrinsic Motivation, Continual Improvement strategies, Neurological research (The Learning Code), and the System of Profound Knowledge pioneered by Dr. W. Edwards Deming to help guide the important decisions we make that impact your child’s education. We specialize in student growth, and we are proud of our Full Inclusion model of education. Every school year is an opportunity to better ourselves, and that is the commitment we willingly give to you.

Our partnership makes us strong. The needs of our students keeps us united. And the pursuit of Joy and Meaning in education keeps us all motivated.

Welcome to Ingenium!


Mr. Graham

Principal, Ingenium Charter School

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