Principal of ICCMS

A Message from Mrs. Crawford

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

Welcome to Ingenium Clarion Charter Middle School.  At Clarion we restore joy and meaning to learning, we affirm and validate students, and we allow for student voice and choice.

We keep joy and meaning at the forefront of all planning and decision making. Whether it is in the classroom, out on the yard, or during electives, students will have the opportunity to enjoy what they are learning. We work very hard to infuse fun into the daily routines and procedures of our day. Our belief is that if students love learning they will remember, apply, and use knowledge towards any endeavor they choose. At this tender time in their educational journey, it is imperative that students develop a positive feeling towards school. It is our hope that we lay the foundation for much more learning to come in their young lives.

We will provide students with a voice and a choice in their learning so that they take ownership of all processes. With a dedicated team of teachers, administrators and administrative supporters we have no doubt that students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed to be successful in any endeavor they chose. Our goal is to develop students who can articulate their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives clearly and persuasively. We will empower our youth to feel comfortable in who they are and assist them as they transition into young adults.

We intend to set a solid foundation for our young men and women. In order to do so we ask that all parents, guardians, and friends enter into a culture that we create together. We expect that all stakeholders follow the code of cooperation that students, parents and friends agree on. There is an African proverb that is just as relevant today as it was in the past. It states, “it takes a village to raise a child.” We are thankful to the village and we know that when we place our arms around our young children they will feel cared for and will be empowered to move through their days with enthusiasm and focus.


Mrs. Gennay Crawford

Principal of Clarion Charter Middle School

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