CMO Leadership

CMO Staff


Paul Bustamante
Student Information System (SIS) Coordinator
David Zlaket
Child Nutrition Director
Irlanda Gonzalez
Director of Enrollment & Recruitment
Katie Prager
Instructional Coach TOSA
Emily Oum
Business Manager Assistant
Katy Allamong
Director of Independent Study
Dr. Jay Aguda
Chief Information Officer
Brenda Sanchez
Enrollment Recruitment Supervisor
Marisa Bejarano
Recruitment Supervisor
Wynnaye Tohlchinsky
Assessment and Data Assistant
James Lim
Desktop Support Admin I: Clemente Charter Schools
Chris Gines
Desktop Support Admin I: BOCS / CCS-Holmes
Jake Rodgers
Assistant Superintendent
Melody Donnelly
Director of Human Resources
Michael Martucci
Director of Student Services
Katherine Hamilton
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Anthony Gil
Director of Expanded Learning Programs