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About Us

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Our Motto

Everyone in the Ingenium Charter School Family is “A.L.L. I.N.”! We show Agency when we make good choices. We prove we’re Lifelong Learners when we continue to ask questions and improve. We give Love and Include Everyone like a true community should, and we all contribute to a campus that is Nice & Safe each and every day. We’re ALL IN, both in spirit and in action.

  • A: Agency
  • L: Lifelong Learners
  • L: Love
  • I: Include Everyone
  • N: Nice and Safe¬†

Our Story

Ingenium Charter School (ICS) was founded in 2011 and was the first Ingenium School located in the San Fernando Valley (Canoga Park). It is a part of a network of 4 schools in South LA and the San Fernando Valley. ICS serves over 400 students in TK-5th grade. We are proud of our particular emphasis on parent engagement, social emotional learning, and continual improvement. Through its growth, ICS has been and will always be about providing a high quality education and leadership development to its students as “children of today are the leaders of tomorrow”(Nelson Mandela).

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Ingenium Schools

Ingenium Charter School is proud to be a part of the Ingenium Schools charter network. Ingenium Schools’ Mission is to prepare our students to be the best learners, leaders, and collaborators by empowering them with the capacity and tools to continually improve themselves and the world around them.

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