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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We offer grades TK (Transitional Kindergarten) through 5th Grade

At this time, all families must make their own arrangements to ensure their student arrives at school and returns home safely.The school utilizes staff and volunteers on the school property and immediately surrounding the campus to assist with their safety.
For Kindergarten, our targeted ratio is 24:1, and for grades 1 – 5, our targeted ratio is 29:1.

Students are required to wear uniforms every day that they attend class. School uniforms help maintain children’s focus on their education and contributes to their safety during the school day. Information about uniform choices and where to purchase them is included in your student’s complete admissions packet.

Our uniform colors are burgundy and khaki. Students may wear burgundy tops (polos, sweatshirts, jackets) and khaki bottoms (shorts, pants, skorts, skirts, jumpers). We recommend purchasing uniforms at Michael’s School Uniforms, Inglewood or Hilda’s Uniform Shop, Compton. For more information regarding uniforms, please see the school’s handbook.

We are participating in the federally assisted National School Lunch Program. This program provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day. A School Breakfast Program is offered as well. Additional information about these programs is available to our enrolled students, and menus are updated monthly.

The first step is to call or e-mail your child’s teacher. If you continue to have concerns, you may contact the parent liaison, principal, or assistant principal. It is important to prearrange a time to see your child’s teacher or an administrator.

Please see our Parent-Student Handbook provided to all enrolled students’ families.

The school publishes a twice-monthly newsletter that includes information about what the students are learning and activities you can do with your child. You may also contact your child’s teacher via email if you have questions.

Please remember that every teacher has their own unique instructional style, but all classes at Barack Obama Charter School are centered around the Ingenium Learning System instructional model. All instruction is based on the California State Framework requirements. These standards are the foundation of our curricular presentations.

Due to COVID-19, students will be not being participating in off campus field trips and in person volunteering has been put on hold

We welcome volunteers and will request help at various times throughout the school year. Please contact the school or our parent liaison for more information on current volunteer opportunities. The PTA is also an active part of Barack Obama Charter School.

Charter Schools FAQs

We know “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work when it comes to education. Charter schools offer a different approach to public school – one as unique as California’s students. Charter schools put students first and offer the personal attention, creativity, and passionate teaching that students need to learn. Public, free, and open to all, charter schools are a vital part of public education in California.

A student does not have to reside within the attendance boundaries of a charter school. If your child has an interest in exploring specific curriculum and a particular charter school has a unique offering within this area, your child may apply for admission. You could live fifteen miles from the school and qualify for enrollment. This is one of the positive attributes of a charter school.

Even charter schools that succeed academically may struggle financially. In theory, the tax dollars spent to educate your child will follow them to the charter school. Often times such things as special facilities and student transportation must be funded from the charter school itself. Parents are often expected to assist with fund raising to support the school’s mission.

California has the highest number of charter schools of any state in the country with 1,184 schools serving over 547,800 students as of Fall 2014. In 2014-15, 87 new charter schools opened in California. Charter schools serve a mix of students similar to those in California ‘s traditional public schools.

Research shows charter schools do a better job increasing student achievement than traditional public schools.3 Over 460 charter schools in California are committed to standards and accountability through the Certified Charter Schools Program. Charter school parents cited challenging curriculum and individualized student attention as key reasons for their high level of satisfaction according to a 2007 University of Southern California (USC) field study.4 3 Research based on the California Department of Education’s Academic Performance Index from 2004-2007 indicates that 11% more charters than traditional public schools show substantially higher student achievement by the end of the school year. 4 A 2007 USC field study entitled Charter Schools and Customer Satisfaction: Lessons from Field Testing a Parent Survey by Wohlstetter, Nayfack & Mora-Flores.

Interested in learning more? Please visit CCSA’s Charters up Close website for more information.

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