Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

Need to know how the process works? Check out the steps below.


Step 1: Complete an Interest Form

Complete an Interest Form on Schoolmint.

Step 2: Connect with An Enrollment Counselor

Once you’ve submitted an Interest Form, an Enrollment Counselor will contact you regarding your interest to explain next steps and gather any addition information. Feel free to communicate with your school’s Enrollment Counselor as often as you need. If you decide to enroll, our team will get your application submitted to the school of your choice. If you enroll within the Open Enrollment period, you’ll be eligible for the School Lottery.

Step 3: Attend the Lottery Event (optional)

Your Enrollment Counselor will notify you via email / text regarding the Lottery Event. The lottery will be held on the second Tuesday in April. If your child has been chosen, you will move onto the next phase, Accepting the Offer.You do not need to be present to be selected in the lottery.

Step 4: Offers & Waitlists

After the Lottery Event, your child will either be made an offer or placed on a waitlist in the order he/she was selected in the lottery. In either event, you will be notified automatically via email or text regarding the status of your child’s enrollment. Offer Made: If your child was selected, an Enrollment Counselor will be in touch with you shortly to confirm the acceptance of the offer. You must accept the offer to move on with the process. Waitlisted: If your child was waitlisted, you will receive a follow-up call from your Enrollment Counselor if and when a space opens up. Feel free to call your Enrollment Counselor at any time to inquire about your child’s status.

Step 5: Campus Visit & Packet Pickup

Once you have accepted an offer, your Enrollment Counselor will contact you to set up an appointment with the office staff of your school. At this point you will be handed off to your school for the final steps in enrollment. Here you will:

  • Pick up the registration packet
  • Ask any questions to the office staff as needed
  • Tour the campus (by request)

Please note that your child’s registration is NOT complete until the School Office has received and verified your registration packet.

Step 6: Orientation & Registration

Attend a New Family Orientation in May or June to receive more information about your campus. Here you will return your enrollment registration material.

Step 7: Enrollment Verification

Once the School Office staff has received and verified all your registration material, you are done with the process and we will see you in the Fall!