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Careers at Ingenium

Ingenium Schools hires exceptional leaders

who empower our students to be the best learners, leaders, and collaborators. We hire dedicated, talented, and qualified individuals who value mutual respect, meaningful relationships, consistency and communication. We hire #JoyMakers!

The Hiring Process

All Ingenium Schools employees complete an online application through BambooHR or TalentEd. This portal will help us communicate with you throughout the hiring process.

Interviews help us meet you, understand your passion for education, and see your skills in action! Come prepared for an interactive interview filled with inquiries, performance tasks, and time to answer your questions. Candidates may be interviewed alongside other candidates, alone, or before a panel of stakeholders. All candidates will be asked to think, create, and express.

Ingenium Schools accommodates persons with disabilities. To request accommodations during any part of the hiring process (application, interview, etc.), please email with your request.

Joy @ Work

All employees should receive joy and meaning from work. The Joy@Work survey is a tool we to measure the factors that affect employees’ intrinsic motivation and thus, their level of joy!

How does intrinsic motivation connect to joy? Intrinsically motivated employees will experience appropriate levels of cooperation, meaning, autonomy, challenge, and support, leading to a work environment where people experience and create joy and pride through ownership and high quality initiatives.

To better support employees and encourage intrinsic motivation, we survey all employees monthly, gathering data on these five pillars of intrinsic motivation.

Solid Benefits

We believe in Ingenium employees. We understand and value families, ours and yours, and work with you to ensure we meet your needs. Ingenium offers flexible work opportunities, telecommuting (position dependent), and opportunities for career development. Ingenium strives to remain competitive with benefits and wages by annually reviewing staff salaries in comparison to similar schools.

Health Plans

  • Anthem Blue Cross Traditional PPO
  • Traditional HMO
  • Value Select HMO (Exclusive Network)
  • Guardian Vision
  • Guardian Dental PPO

Optional Coverage

  • Guardian Dental PPO
  • Guardian Vision
  • Guardian Ancillary Benefits (short-term disability, life insurance, accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity)
  • Ingenium contributes to dependent benefits


  • CalSTRS required participation for teachers and certificated employees
  • 403(b) or 457 optional enrollment
    • For Classified Staff who are not CalSTRS eligible.

Life Insurance

  • $25,000 life insurance policy for all full-time employees

Teacher Career Pathways

Ingenium provides two options for teacher career pathways:

  • Teacher Leadership Roles

Teacher Leadership Roles

Teacher leadership roles include:

  • Grade-Level/Department Mentor Teacher
  • Ingenium Instructional Specialist
  • ELD Task Force Member
  • Technology Guru
  • Lead Technology Guru
  • Teacher Advisory Panel Member.

Teacher leaders teach full-time and receive a stipend to complete extra responsibilities that broaden their impact. These leaders support Ingenium’s professional learning community and may receive additional coaching and mentoring to grow their leadership capacity. Teachers apply each spring/fall for roles for the upcoming year.

Professional Development Presentation

Teachers (including first year teachers) and classified employees are encouraged to develop areas of expertise and signature practices and to share these practices and knowledge at both Ingenium-wide conferences and external PDs.

Staff Learning System and Feedback Model:

Ingenium Schools does not evaluate employees. Instead, coaching cycles are embedded within the teacher learning model and within non-teacher capacity matrices. Our coaching philosophy is guided by the belief that employees want to do a good job and improve and that employees have a right to joy and meaning in their work and learning. Our only aim is continual improvement. Our theory is that if we focus on what’s meaningful to employees, help them develop aims that are aligned to our definition of quality teaching, provide feedback that is targeted and timely, and we eliminate the practice of rating teachers and employees, the result will be teachers, employees, and students that experience joy in learning while getting better and better all the time.

Teacher Classroom Needs:
Rather than select an arbitrary dollar amount for teacher classroom needs, Ingenium encourages grade-level teams to design and present grade-level needs for approval and funding. Ingenium also works with teacher special requests (e.g., flexible seating, learning experience materials, etc.) and provides teachers with basic classroom materials. We strive to provide materials necessary for student learning in the classroom, and we will use prioritization tools to make decisions when we do not have adequate funding to meet this aim.
External Professional Development Employee Request Process:
Employees can request and may receive approval to attend a job-relevant, philosophically-aligned professional development or conference of their choice.
Weekly Professional Learning:
Every school site has time set aside each Wednesday for staff professional learning. Instructional leaders utilize staff input to design professional learning to ensure it is meaningful, relevant, and engaging for staff.
Teacher Induction:
50% BTSA or similar teacher induction program reimbursement Ingenium Teacher Mentors to support your completion of BTSA

Sick Leave

  • Full-time 11-Month Employee: 80 hours
  • Full-time 12-Month Employee: 88 hours
  • Part-time 11-Month Employee: 40 hours
  • Part-time 12-Month Employee: 48 hours

Sick Leave Donation Policy: Donate and receive donated hours from your colleagues!

Personal Leave

  • Teachers accrue 3 days per year with cap at 6 days


  • Full-time 12-Month Executive Employees: accrue 20 days per year
  • Full-time 12-Month Non-Executive Employees: accrue 10 days per year

*Benefits subject to change or modification at Ingenium’s discretion.

Barack Obama Charter student flinging hair on the playground
I love working at ICMS! I am so lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a caring, dedicated, hard-working group of individuals who work together to identify and develop best practices and effective strategies to use in our classrooms. At Ingenium, my feedback is welcomed and appreciated, my voice matters.
Jovana Ledesma Photograph
Jovana Ledesma
ELD Coordinator
We are a team and family. We are mission and value driven. We value all stakeholders equally.
Avatar Male
Home Office Staff Member
School leaders are very open and honest with all stakeholders (teachers, staff, student, and parents). There is also a genuine spirit of collaboration and good-will at Ingenium. Negativity is a big problem in the education community, but Ingenium does an excellent job of hiring positive people, and supporting all their efforts to maintain positivity.
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Ingenium Charter Middle School

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