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E-rate for Schools and Libraries
Ingenium Schools participates in the Universal Service Administration Company’s E-rate program to maximize funding for technology infrastructure and services for our schools. To receive E-rate discounts, all schools must follow this bidding and contract award process.

Ingenium Schools uses a competitive bidding process to identify and request the products and services needed so that potential providers can review those requests and submit bids for them. To open the process, Ingenium’s independent E-rate consultant posts an FCC Form 470 to the USAC (Universal Services Administrative Co.) website.

The entity that will run the competitive bidding process – the independent E-rate consultant that Ingenium has authorized to negotiate on it’s behalf with a Letter of Agency (LOA) – files an FCC Form 470 (Description of Services Requested and Certification) and must be prepared to receive and evaluate bids and negotiate with service providers.

After 28 days, the competitive bidding process is closed. Ingenium Schools E-rate consultant evaluates the bids received and selects the bid that is the most cost-effective for needed services. Many factors are considered in the evaluation, such as reliability of service, quality of work & tools, and timely response to need, but the price of the eligible products and services must be included as a factor and is weighted more heavily than any other single factor. Per the E-rate funding rules, the FCC Form 470 is always publicly available for the 28-day period before the competitive bidding process is closed and service providers are selected.

E-rate Program Application Process